Powerful and exciting lab features πŸš€

June 14, 2021

Release notes:

Preview 0.7 comes with AWESOME new features and enhancements for prototyping.

Because this version is still young, we recommend to make a manual backup of your znote data before updating.

cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/znote/user-preferences.json ~/Desktop/user-preferences.json.bak

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New features

  • πŸŽ‰ External environment
  • New Notebooks organization (folder tree)
  • Shortcut functions + completion
  • Exec command with shell
  • Add global code blocks to shared variables or functions.


  • JSX support (You can prototype a React app directly into a JS code block!)
  • Hide code blocks
  • Fold blocks in the note editor
  • Changed the print() method to println() (keep history)
  • Robustness of code execution

External environment

It's now possible to configure an external JS environment and import third-party Libraries.

This feature open a ton of possibilities! I have so many usage examples and useful functions to share with you. Will come soon!! env

New Notebooks organization

To help you organize your notes, I decided to add a more conventional folder tree in addition to the labels. notebooks

Shortcut functions and completion

Because we often want hide some boilerplate or complex code, you can now create your custom functions and insert them with code completion.

In this example I am loading the SQL driver and doing an SQL query: shortcut-functions functions-completion

Exec shell commands on your system (example: ls ~/)

Another cool and powerful feature is to run bash command on your machine. Again this feature open a new word of possibilities exec-command

Fold code block and hide code in preview

You can also hide the code you don't want to see, right in your note to stay focused and avoid losing track.

You can note in this example that JSX is now supported πŸ€— code-hidden

Global code blocks

Finally we can now declare global code blocks to share variables or functions globals

πŸ˜… Finished!

As promised, this release is full of great features that will help you improve your productivity.

Made with a lot of love πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Hope you will enjoy this version.